Mar 28, 2014

To Ohio And Back (Again)

I got back a few hours ago from Ohio and my latest trip to see Dr. B. I received my second (and most likely last) Gentamicin injection in my ear. Dr. B was excited to hear that this treatment seems to be working. I have only have two vertigo attacks since my first injection and have been vertigo free for 8 days and counting - this is the longest I've been vertigo free since November! Overall the trip was a good one. E and I got to spend some time with friends the night before my injection which was a wonderful change of pace. 

Yesterday I rested most of the day since the injection always makes me super tired and a bit unsteady - but I successfully read an entire book in The Tradd Street series and plan on making a serious dent in the second book tonight. Between spring being just around the corner and the success of the Gentamicin things are really looking up. Oh and you might have noticed things around here just a little make-over - I couldn't resist! Hope you have a great weekend!

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